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Restaurants and Bars

At the territory of the Vesna resort we feature a wide range of restaurants, bars, cafes and pizza places. It is an area where you can try Caucasus cuisine then have a nice lunch at a premium class café, order genuine Italian pizza because it is the only pizza place in Sochi serving over 100 different pizzas and finish the day off with a romantic dinner at a summer terrace.

Moscow Beach

This is a unique hotel project "Spring", housed in a separate green area resort. It has everything for a perfect holiday: 35 m pool (hydro, aero, lighting), children's pool with a fountain, comfortable chairs with large umbrellas, duplex bungalows, VIP - room with chairs and a separate table for four persons, a bar and restaurant in the water with excellent cuisine, hookah bar, spa - treatments, Thai massage.

Amphibius water park

Take a look at the water park and you’ll call it a city within a city. Indeed! Occupying more than 2 hectares it is really impressive. Once you are inside you realize that the organizers did their best to offer a wide range of services for the time of your life.

Moscow Café-Room

There isn’t any pretentiousness nor transience. The only priority is high quality and style. Trendy food items of the culinary art, trained staff, nice atmosphere, menu in fusion style giving you a mix of European and a touch of Japanese cuisine – these are the features of the Moscow restaurant. Moscow chefs will make sure you to bring out the essence of you favorite dishes and the sets of famous DJs floating from carefree house to weightless lounge and electro-house make you course complete. Escaping the hustle and bustle of a big city life we took the juicy gist of it to help you make the best out of this experience.


There are over 50 million people in the world who enjoy bowling. The simplicity of the game makes it popular with representative of all generations starting thousands of years ago. It’s a fact that balls and pins were found in the tomb of an Egyptian pharaoh who lived 5200 BC. Bowling alleys have also been found in Polynesia and were of the same length as today 18,2 meters.

Shopping Centre

Shopping centre "Vesna" is located at hotel territory. It is possible to buy everything, from souvenir and beach production to a foodstuff, without leaving hotel. The convenient arrangement and a variety of the goods involves a considerable quantity of visitors. Open hours during the summer period from 9 A.M. till 10 P.M.

Billiard Club of Kirill Anishchenko

We invite you to visit the Billiard Club of Kirill Anishchenko at the Vesna Hotel.

We are happy to offer five top-quality 12-foot tables for Russian billiards, meeting the technical requirements of such organisations as:

- ICP- International Committee of Pyramid;

- ECP- European Committee of Pyramid;

- RFBS - Russian Federation of Billiard Sports.

We now have a 12-foot table for English snooker.

A cosy bar is waiting for you to offer a large selection of tea, coffee and drinks.

At your disposal there is a billiard equipment shop. We offer a wide range of accessories and hand made billiard cues from the world's best manufacturers.


Russian billiards: 360 rubles per hour

English snooker: 360 rubles per hour

Free Wi-Fi.

We host the city billiards tournaments.

Corporate tournaments.

Billiards lessons.

System of privilege cards for regular guests.

Opening hours: 11 a.m. - 02 a.m.

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