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Amphibius water park

Take a look at the water park and you’ll call it a city within a city. Indeed! Occupying more than 2 hectares it is really impressive. Once you are inside you realize that the organizers did their best to offer a wide range of services for the time of your life.

The water park surprises not only with its size but with a number of different rides. We can rightfully say that people who have seen many of such sights will find a ride to their taste.

There are 17 rides most of them are popular with both children and adults. Upon the entrance you’ll be greeted by two amazing rides of 15 meters high – the Kamikaze ride.

Taken a ride at these two extreme ride lovers can go on to the Laguna where twists and turns lead you to the Giant, which also provides a lot of impressions. The Taboga is another water slalom ride. You task is to hold on.

And finally, the Blue Hall invites the lovers of ultimate extreme. This huge blue tube with unbelievable turns is good only for the most daring because you have to fly through the tube a distance of more that 100 meters.

All these ride are around one pool area that’s why the visitors will have a lot of impressions, fun, joy, sun and of course coolness of water.

What else can we say, after you visit our water park once you will definitely come back here one more time.

Open hours: 10:00 A.M. till 18:00 P.M and 19:00 P.M. till 23:00 P.M.

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