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Restaurants and Bars

At the territory of the Vesna resort we feature a wide range of restaurants, bars, cafes and pizza places. It is an area where you can try Caucasus cuisine then have a nice lunch at a premium class café, order genuine Italian pizza because it is the only pizza place in Sochi serving over 100 different pizzas and finish the day off with a romantic dinner at a summer terrace.

The Victoria restaurant

European cuisine restaurant Victoria is elegant and comfortable. The meals are served Buffet table style 3 times a day. Nicely laid tables, caring staff and good food will lift your spirits for a long time. Any guest is welcome any time. The restaurant menu is full of most exquisite and delicious dishes, delicacies tickle your palate. Rich fruit and vegetable plates will treat you to some essential vitamins and give you a lot of energy to enjoy life.
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The Vesna restaurant

A spacious and nicely decorated restaurant is at your service. The Vesna restaurant has enough capacity to receive 600 guests at a time and has 2 areas. The meals are served Buffet table style 3 times a day. On the menu you will find a lot of salads, hors d'oeuvre, second course dishes, yummy desserts and refreshment drinks. Fruits and vegetables of the season, juice list and vitamin rich salads set a new standard for catering.
At our cozy restaurant you’ll be treated to little joys of life at breakfasts, lunches and dinners.
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Moscow Café-Room


There isn’t any pretentiousness nor transience. The only priority is high quality and style. Trendy food items of the culinary art, trained staff, nice atmosphere, menu in fusion style giving you a mix of European and a touch of Japanese cuisine – these are the features of the Moscow restaurant. Moscow chefs will make sure you to bring out the essence of you favorite dishes and the sets of famous DJs floating from carefree house to weightless lounge and electro-house make you course complete. Escaping the hustle and bustle of a big city life we took the juicy gist of it to help you make the best out of this experience.
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The Kapri pizza

For those who love Italy visiting this pizza house is a must. We might assume that pizza is the most known dish of Italian cuisine all over the world. Even in the areas thousands of miles away from Italy there are people who have tried pizza at least once in their life.
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