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Medical center of the Vesna resort

Medical center of the Vesna resort has state of the art medical equipment for therapies and diagnosis which makes recoupment procedures and rehabilitation in illnesses of locomotion system, cardio-vascular, respiratory, genito-urinary, nerve systems as well as in cases of poor metabolism, infertility and skin diseases. Treating the body with physical and natural curative means restores the proper functioning of the above mentioned systems and ensures remission under residual nature of the system dysfunction. A scope of procedures exercise a training effect and boosts the resistance of the immune system to fight diseases and harmful environmental factors.

Medical center occupies two floors and has 35 rooms with total capacity of 500 procedures a day. The staff is 10 medical doctors, 20 nurses, 9 masseurs and 6 helping medical personnel. All doctors are highly trained and certified. Treatment plans can further be enhanced with the use of the sports complex named after Karelin which includes a swimming pool, gym, mechanical massage with application of elastic pseudo-boiling layer, and an area for individual and group recuperative gymnastics. The beach of the resort has specially designated areas for air therapy and has a number of trained staff to assist guests if the need arises.

Our medical department has at its disposal:

hydropathical rooms, jet douche room, underwater massage room, Nauheim baths (dry carbonic acid gas baths), instrumental physiotherapy room: laser treatment and magnetotherapy room, d’arsonvalisation and ultrasound treatment room, Physiomed-Expert hight-quality multifunctional electrotherapy device, pressure therapy device, Androgyn physiotherapeutic device for urological and gynecological disorders treatment, ozone therapy room, mineral wax treatment room, manual massage room, aerosol inhalation room, detensioning therapy room, acupuncture and intratissual stimulation, colon hydrotherapy room, functional and ultrasound diagnostics room, phyto bar.

At our holiday hotel we administer various baths depending on the indications: dry carbonic acid gas baths, iodine-bromine baths, bischofite baths, naphthalan baths, ion baths, kaolinite blue clay baths, gas-bubble baths and baths with phyto-additives - natural plant extracts: sage, lavender, Siberian fir, noble laurel, eucalyptus and combined phyto-additives: Stimul (basil, sage, rose), Effect (Siberian fir, eucalyptus, sage), Gratsia (rose, Siberian fir, orange).

Nauheim bath (Dry carbonic acid gas bath): influence of carbon dioxide air mixture on the organism provides for such therapeutic effects as slowing of the FHR, lowering of blood pressure, vasodilatory effect, respiratory function improvement, blood oxygen saturation, improved microcirculation, reduced hyperviscosity, growth of cardiac reserve in patients with heart failure, coronary insufficiency compensation, change of the nervous system functional status, athletes rehabilitation and performance improvement. These baths are also useful for adaptation to Northern conditions, for prevention of professional diseases attributable to exercise stress, psycho-emotional loads, vibration.

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Mineral wax treatment is part of warm mud treatments and is carried out as applications on certain zones or areas of the projection of organs. Mineral wax is a petroleum-derived substance that contains paraffin, mineral oils, resins and biologically active substances, which have an estrogen-like, acetylcholine-like effect, and substances with antibiotic properties. It has anti-inflammatory, dispersive, pain-relieving, spasmolytic, desensitising effect and stimulates regeneration processes.

Physiomed-Expert device is a high-quality multi-functional device designed for the stimulating current treatment. It can generate currents of different frequencies (low to high) and forms.

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D'arsonval (direct current action) is used to increase skin elasticity, to treat dermal diseases, to prevent wrinkle formation, to reduce hair loss, to treat headaches, neuralgia, trophic disorders in patients with vascular diseases. Therapeutic action: improvement of blood circulation, lymph circulation, microcirculation, metabolism and functional condition of skin.

Ultrasound therapy is applying ultrasonic waves on skin and projection of organs including the use of drug ointments (phonophoresis). Curative effects: anti-inflammatory, spasmolytic, dispersive, bactericidal. Ultrasound therapy is indicated for the treatment of joint diseases, consequences of trauma and injuries of the musculoskeletal system, diseases of peripheral nervous system, urogenital system, nasopharynx.

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Androgyn physiotherapeutic device for urological and gynecological disorders treatment applies mutually reinforcing medical factors: low-intensity laser radiation, colour and rhythm therapy, constant magnetic field, short-impulse electroanalgesia and electrical nerve stimulation.

Multicomponent action provides for anti-inflammatory, analgetic and immuno-modulatory effects, that can help enhance the impact of chronic inflammatory diseases treatment (including those caused by STDs) in both female and male genital sphere. Androgyn is also useful in treating urinary incontinence, infertility, erectile dysfunction and a number of other chronic diseases.

Ozone therapy

Ozone therapy constitutes intravenous intake of ozonised normal saline and minor autohemotherapy. Effects:

  • Restores function of blood oxygen transport.
  • Restores microcirculation and peripheral blood circulation.
  • Stimulates hematopoiesis.
  • Dilutes blood.
  • Optimizes the biological substrates metabolism: carbohydrates, proteins, lipids (bioenergetic and biosynthetic effects).
  • Ozone has immuno-modulatory effects (small doses stimulate immunity, large doses suppress it).
  • Bactericidal action.
  • Analgetic action.
  • Detoxicating action.
  • Anti-inflammatory action.

Pressure therapy: Pulstar PSX (full treatment: hands and arms, legs and feet, abdomen)-therapeutic device for segmental regulated pressure therapy (pneumocompression massage).

Medical reasons:

  • treatment and prevention of early vascular pathology (initial stage of varicose vein disease, peripheral circulatory failure).
  • orthostatic edema of lower limbs.
  • posttraumatic and postoperative edema.
  • intestinal motility reduction.
  • prevention and treatment of bed sores.
  • chronic muscle pain syndrome.
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