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Medical reasons: condition after pelvic organs surgery, female infertility, habitual miscarriage, failed attempts at IVF, menstrual irregularities, adhesive processes of small pelvis, pelvic pain, uterus hypotrophy, chronic salpingo-oophoritis, chronic endometritis, chronic cystitis, menopausal syndrome.

No. Treatment Single treatment price, rubles
1 Examination by gynaecologist 500
2 Gas-bubble bath: iodide-bromine, with phyto-composition for women 200
3 Naphthalan baths 300
4 Nauheim bath (Dry carbonic acid gas bath) 400
5 Underwater massage 500
6 Mineral wax applications 100
7 Andro-Gyn physiotherapeutic comprehensive program 700
8 Ozone therapy 350
9 Acupuncture 500
10 Remedial gymnastics 150

Effects: anti-inflammatory, trophism-stimulating, vasculo-protective, immunomodulatory, analgetic effect; high efficiency in treating chronic inflammatory female genital diseases, infertility; rehabilitation after abortion/miscarriage, surgery and other diseases/conditions.

Type and number of treatments to be determined individually by the physician.
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